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- Our Latest Adventures -

Upcoming Events

  • One-on-one consultations
    Fenruary 2021
    Zoom consultations
    Fenruary 2021
    Zoom consultations
    These two one-on-one consultations, each for 1 hour, will be a unique opportunity carefully crafted for those who are writing and/ or illustrating picture books for children and young adults. 🎨
  • Craft Your Character Online Workshop
    6 March 2021
    Your character is your story! Create them well, you’ll have your readers championing for them. This 2-hour workshop will show writers and illustrators how they can make their picture book characters come alive through words and images.

Picture Book Matters® is a mentoring platform in Asia for aspiring & emerging picture book illustrators and authors.

- About Picture Book Matters -

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- Love letters -

" Eva and Debasmita provided helpful and inspiring insights into the writing process and the author-illustrator collaboration."

Theresa Tay, Singapore workshop

"I have attended a number of workshops conducted by PBM. Not only were they useful, the sharings by the unique combination of author and illustrator meant I was able to understand the perspectives of the whole writing process - from within pitching - in greater depths."

Chen Wei Teng, Singapore workshop

"The workshop was extremely useful as it covered a gamut of children's picture books with helpful tips for potential authors."

Theresa D, Singapore workshop

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